Do you “Ask the Question”?

The Australian Stroke Alliance is checking-in with health workers around the nation, and we’re asking you to help us improve prehospital stroke care.

By routinely asking “Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?” you can improve care of your patients, meet national standards, while helping us collect essential data.

Our researchers need to collect this information to assess if we are improving care for all Australians.  Join us in our quest.

Are you a neurologist, telehealth physician, paramedic, nurse or working in triage? If you routinely ask patients a series of questions in your administrative and clinical information systems, we hope you will pay special attention to the need to ask the question, “Are you of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander origin?”.


By asking the question, you ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients are provided with tailored and culturally appropriate, comprehensive care.

“Cultural safety is essential for clinical and patient safety” – Prof Greg Phillips.

As well, it’s incredibly important to ask so your employer, and researchers including those at the Australian Stroke Alliance, can record this essential information. You are part of our research community and you can help us accurately categorise patients and test outcomes from clinical interventions, particularly in the prehospital setting.

“If you can’t see us, you can’t help us" - Charlotte Dodds-Porter, a researcher with the Darak team

Stay tuned to this page as educational resources and tools are added.

The Australian Stroke Alliance also provides information and support to all Australian Stroke Alliance members engaging with Indigenous people and communities through its Darak program.  Learn more about it here.