Partner Profiles

Meet some of the brightest minds contributing to research with the Australian Stroke Alliance. Individuals from more than 30 organisations have come together to ensure urgent stroke treatment improves right around Australia. The following champions are improving the health of the nation – and contributing to improved stroke care internationally. Find out what drives them and how they plan to make a difference..

Introducing Professor Sandy Middleton

Professor Sandy Middleton is the Director of Nursing Research at the Australian Catholic University. She focusses on stroke and the way research can improve care, particularly analysing the way nurses…

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MSU stroke ambulance

Introducing Skye Coote

The Australian Stroke Alliance is home to the country’s first mobile stroke ambulance in Melbourne. It has been covering a wide diameter around the city since November 2017. Skye Coote…

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Introducing Sharon McGowan

The Australian Stroke Alliance Board member, Sharon McGowan, @SharonMcGowan_, is the Chief Executive Officer of the Stroke Foundation. A passionate voice for the stroke community, Ms McGowan provides an important…

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Introducing Associate Professor Gabrielle O’Kane

Associate Professor Gabrielle O’Kane is the CEO of the National Rural Health Alliance and has been a rural dietitian for more than 35 years, working in community health centres, private…

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Introducing Professor Dominique Cadilhac

Yes, it’s exciting to design new models of healthcare including innovative diagnostic equipment to place in aeromedical helicopters and planes. But how do we make sure these bold inventions will…

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Introducing Associate Professor Andrew Bivard

In a world of health care where terms like artificial intelligence and machine learning are bandied about, the Australian Stroke Alliance is cutting out the middleman and shooting straight for…

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Introducing Peta Rutherford

Australian Stroke Alliance brings together a wide range of people who will advocate to improve stroke care across the nation. Peta Rutherford is the CEO of Rural Doctors’ Association of…

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Introducing Professor Chris Bladin

The Australian Stroke Alliance team understands the importance of fast stroke treatment. We are preparing to deliver urgent, life-saving care across our vast continent using world-first technology. So it makes…

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Introducing Associate Professor Kate Fox

The Alliance is unusual – we are bringing together academic engineers and commercial partners from the very beginning of our audacious program. We hope shared knowledge and a diverse approach…

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