How to save $1 trillion

The World Stroke Organisation has calculated the global cost of stroke, based on latest trajectories of stroke incidence and prevalence. A failure to address this through multi-stakeholder responses will cost governments and individuals dearly. Fortunately, Australia is addressing the issue from many directions.

A message from Australian Stroke Alliance co-chair, Professor Stephen Davis AO, past president of the World Stroke Organisation:

The global cost of stroke is enormous, approaching US$1 trillion, which is greater than the annual GDP of most countries. This reflects the “pandemic” of stroke in low- and middle-income regions. The World Stroke Organisation has developed a strategic roadmap to tackle this health crisis at a population policy and individual level interventions. Key opportunities include the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, reducing the impact of harmful substances and identification and treatment of individual risk factors such as hypertension. Education is key at all levels. The WSO President-Elect Professor Sheila Martins is leading the way in Brazil, where stroke is the most important cause of death and disability. Targeting and managing risk factors using community health workers is a strategy that could be widely applied around the World, particularly in developing regions.

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