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Sydney stroke ambulance – latest in urgent stroke care

More Australians will receive urgent stroke treatment after the weekend’s announcement of a new stroke ambulance for Sydney.  For the first time in New South Wales, a modified ambulance loaded with…

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Mobile stroke units to boost rural survival rates

A Project aiming to deliver urgent stroke treatment more quickly and equitably to rural Australians will put lightweight brain scanners on ambulances, helicopters and aeroplanes within five years. – The…

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New technology could revolutionise stroke treatment

Patients from rural Victoria could receive urgent stroke care in record time under a new bid to make this revolutionary and lifesaving treatment available Australia-wide. Read more from the Herald…

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Reaching stroke patients in time to give life-saving treatment

Melbourne’s Mobile Stroke Unit brings stroke diagnosis and treatment straight to the patient’s door. This rapid response limits brain damage and saves lives.

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Australian technology in bid to deliver stroke diagnosis into every ambulance

Micro-X, an Adelaide based company is working as part of the Australian Stroke Alliance to develop a lightweight mobile CT scanner ‘Ring Scanner’ to enable lifesaving diagnostic imagers to be…

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RMIT bid to bring stroke technology to regional Australia

RMIT engineers working with the Australian Stroke Alliance are seeking further funding to develop lightweight and mobile CT scanners to bring vital diagnostic tools to rural and remote communities.

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Stroke patients in remote Australia can’t reach hospital in time

People who have had a stroke need fast diagnosis and treatment to avoid irreversible brain damage. But getting to a hospital quickly is not possible in remote parts of Australia.

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Stroke survivor says time critical care saved her

Amber Stewart was at home when she felt her right leg suddenly stop working.

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Portable Stroke CT Scanners on Focus with Cassie McCullagh

After the late media magnate Kerry Packer had a heart attack playing polo, he contributed funds to ensure all ambulances in NSW had defibrillators – the technology that saved his life,…

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Stroke of genius mobile scans to transform regional care

Australian researchers are planning a conceptual leap that could radically reduce the risk of disability following a stroke.

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