The Stroke Golden Hour.

We are delivering urgent, life-saving care across our vast continent

It’s about equity, world-first innovation and bringing time-critical stroke treatment directly to the patient.

Not everyone lives in a big city with access to stroke treatment. We need to address major gaps in health outcomes for Australians in rural, remote and Indigenous communities. We believe your postcode shouldn’t determine your access to world class healthcare.

We are designing and testing new brain imaging technologies for road and air ambulances to create a fairer Australia, ensuring anyone who suffers a stroke receives care as quickly as possible.

Rather than transporting patients to hospital, we drive or fly Australian-designed life-saving brain scanning equipment to patients, transforming their chances of survival and recovery.

Welcome to the Stroke Golden Hour: transforming care for all Australians



Time is brain

When treating stroke, we know that ‘time is brain’. Treatment needs to be offered within the first few hours and preferably within the first ‘Golden Hour’. In a country the size of Australia, this is a problem. Every day, time and distance prevent many people from receiving the urgent care they need.

Stroke incidence is 17% higher in rural and remote areas and with this comes twice the likelihood of significant lifelong disability. Unfortunately, only 3% of patients in rural and remote areas of Australia are treated in a stroke unit, compared to 77% of patients in metropolitan areas, with most needing to travel over 200 kilometres to access care.

Our solution is to move the stroke unit to the patient, to treat them as early as possible, using home-grown, game-changing technologies.


The Australian Stroke Alliance will:

  • Harness the nation’s stroke expertise and support ground-breaking research, transforming stroke care in Australia and globally
  • Work with three brain imaging technology companies to design and build lightweight, portable and affordable brain scanners
  • Deliver a new health care model informed by consumers and supported by telehealth
  • Generate commercial returns for the nation and ensure sustainable investment in future technologies, to be developed and built-in Australia.


A powerful collaboration

The Australian Stroke Alliance hosts a team of leaders from across Australia including government, academic, health, consumer and commercial agencies. Together, we are addressing urgent research questions and delivering our vision:

To develop world-first disruptive technologies to radically transform access to early pre-hospital treatments and to dramatically improve stroke outcomes for all Australians.

We also thank and acknowledge our anonymous philanthropic partners who have invested more than $4 million.

Find out how more than 30 organisations are working together to improve the lives of Australians affected by stroke.